Where to get help now that Seattle’s eviction ban has ended

The end of Seattle’s eviction moratorium last week means landlords can once again evict tenants for late rent. But new state and local protections mean landlords must offer payment plans for rent debt accrued during the pandemic and low-income tenants at risk of eviction have the right to legal counsel in court.

Learn more about the new tenant protections and how evictions work here. Below is where to go for help:

Rent assistance:

King County is no longer accepting new applications for rental assistance, but small organizations and nonprofits in the area still have assistance programs. Call 211 to find out more.

For tenants who have already applied for rental assistance, King County will continue to select recipients using a lottery system. Tenants who have not yet applied for rent assistance can join the United Way waiting list at uwkc.org/renthelp.

Juridical help :

If you receive a payment or evacuation notice in Seattle, call the City’s Seattle Renting Hotline at 206-684-5700 to make sure it is a valid notice.

Eastside’s Legal Assistance Program can also provide legal assistance to tenants. Apply online or call their helpline: 425-747-7274 (English) 425-620-2778 (Spanish). Tenants can also seek help from the Tenant Law Center at 206-324-6890.

If you receive a subpoena in King County, contact the Housing Justice Project at 206-267-7069 or email [email protected] Due to high demand, the Housing Justice Project cannot assist tenants earlier in the eviction process, such as upon receipt of 14 days notice.

Outside of King County, tenants seeking legal help can apply online at nwjustice.org/apply-online or call the Eviction Defense Control Line at 855-657-8387. (Interpreters are available.)

Remember that 14 days notice to pay or vacate is the start of a legal process that could lead to eviction. “Landlords can’t just tell you to go out and change the locks on your doors. It’s illegal,” said Neal Simpson, spokesperson for Solid Ground, which operates a message line for tenants.

More information:

Find information about your rights and how the eviction process works at washingtonlawhelp.org.

For questions and general information about tenant rights, call the Solid Ground Tenant Services messaging line at 206-694-6767 or the Washington State Tenant Union Hotline at 206- 723-0500 or try tenantsunion.org.

Tenants who believe they have been discriminated against in housing based on one of Seattle’s protected classes can file a complaint with the city’s Office of Civil Rights at seattle.gov/civilrights/file-complaint

For help in negotiating, tenants and landlords can contact the King County Dispute Resolution Center at kcdrc.org.

Owners can find information about state mitigation programs on the Department of Commerce website.

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