West Dunbartonshire Council housing service continues to improve tenant experience


West Dunbartonshire Council housing service continues to improve tenant experience

A report evaluating West Dunbartonshire Council the housing department has shown a number of positive improvements over the past year.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter performance report shows that the service continues to perform well in a number of areas, despite significant resource and logistical challenges during the pandemic.

The report detailed how the Homeless Team was able to provide temporary accommodation to every homeless household that presented itself in the past 12 months, with increased satisfaction with the quality of the accommodation provided.

Additionally, 99% of homeless claimants received a decision within the 28 day target.

Improvements were also observed in the evaluation time for housing applications, which fell from 27 days to just 3 days.

The report also shows that the percentage of new tenants staying in their homes for at least 12 months has increased from 89.8% to 91.5%.

Councilor Diane Docherty, housing and community coordinator, said: ‘This report covers the period during which housing services were responding to the challenges and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic which affected the daily lives of individuals and communities across West Dunbartonshire and posed challenges important to the delivery of our services.

“I am proud to see that despite these challenges, we have been able to make improvements to ensure that our tenants’ experiences are as positive as possible, and this hard work will continue in priority areas throughout the coming year. . “

A full 2020/21 performance review has already been carried out and informed a charter improvement plan. This is being implemented in all areas of the housing service with the aim of continuing to improve services for tenants and residents.

Priority areas for making improvements following the impacts of Covid-19 restrictions include the time needed to complete repairs and medical adaptations, the time needed to re-let empty properties and catching up work to ensure compliance with Scottish Housing . Standard quality.

Councilor Ian Dickson, Vice President of Housing and Communities, added: “We are committed to providing a service that tenants are happy with and this report is encouraging as it shows that we are continuing to move in the right direction. One of the service’s major achievements this year has been to provide a comprehensive emergency response throughout the pandemic and to manage the significant increase in demand for support.

“We thank the tenants for their patience and understanding and hope the action plan shows our ambitions for priority areas for improvement over the coming year.”

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