Truetech Services to Invite Opportunities for Revenue Sharing Model in Computer Rental Industry

New Delhi [India]Jan. 7 (ANI / SRV): Truetech Services, a leading Indian IT rental company, invites applications to be part of its revenue sharing model. The lucrative income opportunity offered by the company aims to attract investors and be part of their upward trajectory in the industry. The partner will assume zero to minimal risk as the monthly returns are guaranteed for their contributions. Moreover, investors can participate in the model which is simply hassle free for investments anytime and for any amount. This is very advantageous compared to the franchise system, which is undoubtedly tiring, which also comes with large investment costs such as the cost of labor, cost of location, etc.

TrueTech invites all tech enthusiasts to present the partnership opportunity in which they will provide a platform to partner and lease computer equipment on lease. By doing so, one can have the opportunity to get a hassle-free second source of income without even including the maintenance costs. For those who are ready to give their entrepreneurship a direction, TrueTech’s minimal investment and gross margin business model promises immense growth in the industry. The enormous potential available in the market and the excellent customer services provided by Truetech Services are indeed the backbone of the success of its revenue sharing model. These are among the main reasons for the high returns generated by partners with a reasonable investment in place. Truetech Services’ revenue sharing model states that the partner must offer the inventory of equipment that is rented / leased by Truetech, creating a mutually beneficial return.

Truetech Services is one of the big names in the IT sector, specializing in the supply and maintenance of IT products under rental or leasing contracts. Inspired and driven by the growth they have achieved over the years, Truetech Services envisions expansion to meet growing customer base and respective demands. They have put in place a strong revenue sharing model, designed in a mutually beneficial way, which is expected to generate remarkable returns. In addition to the current customer base, Truetech Services, with a clear and futuristic vision, aims to tap the breadth of potential digital markets. The nation’s IT industry only accounts for 8 percent of India’s GDP contributor. In addition, the sector also employs over 4.5 million people, and the number is growing dramatically.

With digitization replacing every piece of pen and paper for industries with advanced IT infrastructure, the situation will require a huge investment. Resisting this change will no longer be an option, and starting today, established business startups will need basic to advanced IT infrastructure to run their businesses. The purchase of office equipment such as laptops, desktops, inverters, servers, printers, etc., involves huge investments and also comes with high maintenance requirements and costs. recurring repairs. Most of them become obsolete after a few years and also require a cost to upgrade in no time.

Truetech Services has so far done its best to provide these industries with the IT infrastructure according to their needs. Businesses can avail Truetech’s services at incredibly low costs and choose rental or rental products. Truetech services ensure maximum customer satisfaction and thus provide the fastest delivery in the entire field. Customers can avail the products of any brand for their convenience and interest. They also benefit from a ten-year guarantee package, followed by an unlimited number of services, a monthly performance audit and the same day service guarantee.

The upward trend of the IT industry is expected to multiply in the coming years, and the demand for advanced IT infrastructure will soar. Truetech Services, with nearly a decade of achievement and the most satisfying customer service, is the best in the business to partner with. This story is provided by SRV. ANI will not be responsible for the content of this article in any way. (ANI / SRV)

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