Touchstone finds “substantial” hydrocarbons in the Ortoire block | Local company


CANADIAN energy company Touchstone Exploration says its Royston-1 exploration well has encountered significant accumulations of hydrocarbons based on drilling and wireline logging data.

In a statement released Friday, Touchstone Exploration said tests carried out on logs from the Royston-1 well indicated accumulations of hydrocarbons in the Lower Cruse, Karamat and Herrera sections of the Ortoire block in southeast Trinidad.

The company said a total of 393 gross feet of oil was identified in two unique overlapping slicks in the Herrera Sands from 9,700 feet to full depth, with wired logs indicating the well was in oil. at full depth. The well was drilled to a total depth of 10,700 feet and is the deepest exploration well drilled by Touchstone to date, the company said.

The well encountered a total thickness of Herrera turbidite of 1,014 feet (609 feet of net sand) in two stacked overlap slicks, Touchstone Exploration said.

Touchstone Exploration President Paul Baay said: “The Royston-1 well was the fifth and final well in the first phase of our exploration drilling program on the Ortoire block, with well log data indicating better results. provided that.

“The quantity of hydrocarbons identified further verifies the opportunity in the block for our future phase two exploration program. Prior to drilling, we targeted 200 feet of raw sand, with results almost doubling our expectations. The team began planning production test operations in the Herrera formation using the same equipment that verified the Cascadura discovery… With the help of new seismic data and upcoming production tests, we expect that ‘it will be the largest geological structure identified on the block in the Herrera Formation.

Touchstone COO James Shipka stressed that even if the 393 feet of identified hydrocarbons exceeded the company’s target, “and even if we believe the discovery is natural gas, we will wait for the results. tests to confirm “.

Touchstone owns an 80 percent working interest in the well, while Heritage Petroleum, a wholly state-owned company, has the remaining 20 percent working interest.

In a statement released yesterday, Heritage Petroleum said well testing will begin soon on the Herrera formation, which will provide a better picture of the economic potential of the well.

Heritage CEO Arlene Chow said: “The results from the Royston-1 well are very encouraging, particularly for the development of the Herrera deposits, which I believe have significant potential both in the Ortoire block and elsewhere on the area of ​​Heritage.

“I also congratulate the drilling crews for their safety performance and thank the teams from Touchstone, The Energy Chamber and the Department of Energy and Energy Industries who went the extra mile to ensure the availability of the Covid vaccine. -19 for teams working in close collaboration. in the Ortoire block.

Heritage said it wished to recognize Touchstone for the success of its obligations as a joint venture operator with respect to the first phase of exploration drilling on the lease.

The local energy company said it was delighted to highlight the collaborative effort between the Touchstone and Heritage teams throughout the exploration campaign; prospect identification, review and approvals; and more recently, working together on necessary upgrades to facilities, roads and bridges to facilitate drilling activity on the block.

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