That’s rude, but is it illegal to drive barefoot in Minnesota?

If you’ve ever been to Foster Arend in Rochester or Lake City for a fun day in the water, you’ve probably had sand-covered shoes. I’m not a big fan of bringing this in my car and sometimes I’ve just taken my flip flops off and driven my car without shoes on. But is driving without shoes illegal in Minnesota?


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Can you legally drive in Minnesota without shoes?

I did some research, mostly because I was curious whether I was breaking the law or not, and found out if it was okay to drive without shoes in the state of Minnesota. I found the following answer on Meshbesher & Spence Lawyers website.

There is no law prohibiting barefoot driving. However, we strongly recommend a shoe, as it provides better control than barefoot riding.

While it can sometimes be a little unpleasant and disgusting not to have shoes in your car, you can and you’re not breaking any laws.

Photo by Anja. on Unsplash

picture by Anja. on Unsplash

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