Tenant injured after falling into floor of Bronx apartment building

NEW YORK — A woman is recovering from falling through the bathroom floor of her apartment building in the Bronx and landing in the basement.

It was an accident which, according to the tenants, could very well have happened to them.

CBS2’s Kevin Rincon has more of the Highbridge section of the borough.

The woman was responsive when she was loaded into the back of an ambulance, which was a good sign. Neighbors said her husband jumped up right behind her to make sure she was okay.

Many tenants are worried. In fact, many told Rincon that their homes didn’t seem safe.

“I’m scared because I have my son, my wife and I don’t want the ceiling to fall on our heads. I need the city to do something please,” Jose said. Madera.

Madera tried to organize the tenants of her building at 1204 Shakespeare Ave. in the Bronx for over a year now to report issues such as leaks, noise, and electrical and structural issues. They feel that the owner has not done enough.

“We told him, you know, please help us, help the tenants, but he doesn’t want to do anything,” Madera said. “Now look what happened. The bathroom collapsed and the lady fell in the basement, so she’s in the hospital.”

The Ministry of Buildings issued a partial evacuation order for only one apartment affected. He said the collapse was caused by a lack of proper maintenance.

“When it rains, my apartment, I have the impression that it is also raining at home”, says a tenant.

A tenant showed Rincon the ceiling of her bathroom, which appears to be in poor condition. She also shared videos of rainwater pouring down hallways.

“It’s frustrating, very frustrating. They’re trying to do what they have to do, but they really need professionals in the building,” she said.

CBS2 checked into several homes and observed doors that wouldn’t close, a broken sink, and shower tiles that were barely hanging due to leaks behind the wall.

Tenant Wendy Martinez said in Spanish that when they pay rent, issues like these need to be addressed.

The Ministry of Buildings said it would require the owner to bring in an engineer to look into some of the issues.

The landlord has received a summons, and it is the hope of so many tenants that it can help serve as a catalyst for change.

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