Robot-applied foam gaskets specialist changes brand from CeraCon UK but continues to provide market-leading sealing solutions


Leamington Spa, UK, September 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – One of the UK’s most innovative and unique businesses has changed its name. CeraCon UK, established in 2012, has grown into a leading foam sealant specialist by incorporating robotic technology to apply seals and adhesives to products across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Almost a decade later, the company was renamed Robafoam. The name change reflects their revolutionary use of robotic technology and their mission to continue growing as a subcontractor in the market using cutting edge and cost effective foam sealing processes.

Below, we take a look at the history of CeraCon UK and Robafoam, and detail how they came to be the specialist in robot-applied foam gaskets trusted by global manufacturers:

  1. In just a decade, the company has grown from providing contract seals to being a world leader in sealing foams and adhesives.

When the company was founded in 2012 by a team of over 30 years in the industrial and automotive adhesives and sealants sector, they knew there was a need for a specialist UK based company to supply the waterproofing service under contract.

With high precision 6-axis robot systems, they were able to apply complex foam gaskets of adhesives directly to customer parts. This approach was not only flexible enough for customers who wanted to work from individual prototype parts up to full and high product quantities, but thanks to in-house robotic technology, it required no capital investment for the customer.

Now, almost a decade later, this technology has revolutionized the foam sealing process in virtually all types of industry. With a technical center that houses a large robotic laboratory cell, they are aimed at the automotive, lighting, marine, construction, electronics and telecoms sectors, but no. name a few.

  1. A decision was taken in 2020 to change the brand from CeraCon UK to Robafoam, adopting a unique and independent business model

With the UK leaving the European Union, the company had to assess its current market position and global infrastructure to ensure continued growth and high levels of service and support. As the company continued to grow in these difficult times, the UK’s exit from the EU also highlighted the differences between the UK and German business models.

The decision was taken to transform CeraCon UK from a partnership to an exclusive distribution supplier for CeraCon products, adopting a unique and independent business model that ensures continued expansion, diversification and market development.

The move also resulted in a new branding, with the company now named Robafoam.

  1. The use of robotic technology guarantees precision and quality in all sectors

The shift to an independent business model has not changed the exceptional services and support that Robafoam can provide:

Foam waterproofing services

Robafoam provides foam sealing services to global brands such as JLR, Ford, BMW and McLaren. With a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of industries, their foam sealing technology has revolutionized sealing and bonding processes for manufacturers around the world. Their seals can withstand harsh and hazardous environments and are designed to be strong and durable. As the only robotic foam sealing company in the UK, it has the infrastructure to handle contracts of all sizes, to provide expert advice and guidance on rules, regulations and compliance. sealing performance requirements, and works closely with designers to provide valuable information to improve components to provide optimum sealing performance.

Foam waterproofing systems

Using some of the most advanced technologies on the market, this unique robotic process converts materials into a single piece into closed cell foam. Using a range of different 1k materials for the foaming process, the technology provides customers with precise, high-quality sealant and adhesive applications time and time again, eliminating human errors commonly associated with manual gasketing. The process is also faster and the technology allows for more complex seal configurations to be incorporated.

It’s a rebrand, but it’s the same exceptional sealing of subcontracts

From prototype to production, whatever stage of a product’s lifecycle you are at, Robafoam can offer value beyond its foam sealing services. Contact us today to find out how they can provide design advice, help with product testing, apply IP sealant foam to quick prototypes, and even give advice on legislation.

More information

Robafoam, previously known as CeraCon UK, was established in 2012 and was renamed in 2021 to Robafoam Ltd. Through the use of robotic foam sealing technology, it is a contract sealing company that applies complex foam gaskets or adhesives directly to customer parts. This approach not only provides flexibility in product quantities, but reduces the capital investment required through in-house robotic automation and sealing systems. Find out more via the site:

CONTACT: Robafoam Unit 9 Berrington Road, Sydenham Industrial Estate Leamington Spa CV31 1NB United Kingdom 01926 336231

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