Price to live? The landlord continued to take the rent even though the tenant died in the apartment for 2 years

In a bizarre incident, a landlord continued to take rent from a tenant even though she had been dead in her apartment for over two years. The remains of Sheila Seleoane, 61, were found at her home in Peckham, London, in February this year. It happened after the cops forced their way into the apartment and discovered his “skeletal condition”. According to a Daily Mail report, Sheila was unmarried and her estranged family lives in South Africa. She was found dead on her couch in February 2022. She was identified using her dental records as police determined there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, which primarily took place in August 2019.

According to neighbors, they had repeatedly reported a foul odor coming from his October 2019 apartment to the housing association. After complaints and letters piled up right outside his house, the cops were called twice to check. However, the police considered that she was “all safe and sound”. Officers felt they did not have enough reason to break in and left. Neighbors report she was last seen in April 2019 and paid her last monthly rent in August 2019.

Once she failed to pay the rent, the Peabody Housing group applied to have the rent paid directly from her Universal Credit payments. After the application was approved, her rent was paid monthly starting in March 2020 to the housing corporation. However, no one tried to contact Sheila. Authorities attempted to carry out a routine gas inspection in June 2020. However, no one responded and the gas supply to the apartment was also cut off.

Wells Chomutare, director of Peabody quarters, said they got the picture, they didn’t then join the dots to paint the picture. He further explained that they really aren’t supposed to force entry unless it’s a very extreme situation.

According to a GP report, the 61-year-old had made a telephone appointment on August 14, 2019 and said she felt “whistling and sometimes short of breath”. She was due to meet the GP the next day, but she never showed up for the appointment.

The autopsy could not find the cause of death because Sheila’s body was too decomposed. The Peabody Housing Group has now sent a letter to all tenants in the block apologizing for ‘missed opportunities’ in Sheila’s body undiscovered for two and a half years. Deputy Coroner Dr Julian Morris of Southwark Coroners Court said any deaths are sad, however, to go undetected for more than two years is hard to fathom in 2022.

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