Not a tenant, but if evicted

Manish Tewari has denied any plans to leave Congress.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Manish Tewari, whose recent Twitter posts have sparked rumors he is also set to quit, said he is not considering resigning “unless someone wants to kick me out. “.

When Manish Tewari called a press conference on Wednesday, just a day after top Congress leader Ashwani Kumar resigned, there was intense speculation that he would make a similar announcement.

But the former Union Minister has denied any plans to leave Congress, stressing that he is “not a tenant but a partner” of the party.

“I said that earlier too. I’m not a kirayedar (tenant) but a Rishtedar (partner) of the Congress party. Agar koi dhakke mar kar bahar nikalega (if someone wants to push me out), that’s another thing. But as far as I’m concerned, I’ve given 40 years of my life to this party. Our family shed blood for the unity of the country. If someone wants to kick me out, that’s another matter,” Tewari told ANI news agency.

Asked about recent big outings from Congress, the MP said it hurt the party.

“Any leader who leaves the party causes damage and this needs to be seriously considered,” he said.

On Tuesday, former Union justice minister Ashwani Kumar quit the Congress, his 46-year-old party, saying it was “in line with his dignity”.

Mr Tewari called it ‘unfortunate’ and said ‘the ambition for a seat in the Rajya Sabha makes people do a lot of things’.

Explaining the comment, the Congress leader said: “I think every person has an ambition. And I said that in that context.”

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