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While Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs Minister Annah Mokgethi has been granted a lease of life to clear her name, it will be a difficult task ahead.

The injured granddaughter of the late Abdulah Joseph instituted a forensic audit on the estate managed by Mokgethi. The court order had given him 30 days to report or respond to what had happened to Joseph’s estate of several million pula.

The 30 working days passed last month. “Yes, the time is up. My lawyer received the two-part report within the extension period she requested; the request for an extension was not opposed. The lawyer’s point of view is that accounting falls far short of the requirements of the Administration of the Estates Act.

I understand that other measures are reserved pending the result of the forensic examination which is underway, ”the late Joseph’s granddaughter, Dawn Masenya told The Monitor on Friday. Masenya wants to establish how her grandfather’s estate and finances were shared and managed. This was after the Court of Appeals dismissed Mokgethi’s request to overturn a High Court ruling requiring him to provide proper accounting records of Joseph’s estate.

Said succession is the subject of an intense legal battle between the alleged beneficiaries of Joseph. The late Joseph’s granddaughter, whose estate is the subject of a legal battle between the minister and Joseph’s surviving children, accused the Law Society of Botswana (LSB) of ignoring her complaints about the conduct of the politician.

In a letter dated September 13, 2017, which she wrote from the United States of America where she is based, she accuses Mokgethi of “forging my signature in a transfer document (my grandfather had me offered a small farm) “. “I was not in the country on the date of the signatures. The Police Department and Law Society of Botswana did not respond to my request to take action against Mokgethi, ”said the letter Masenya wrote to LSB. She added: “In September 2017, I wrote you a letter with five attachments to which there is no response yet.

The integrity of the lawyer has been discredited and the issues must be resolved quickly to give effect to the judgment. “I can’t help but think that LSB protects its members against legitimate and urgent complaints.” Masenya also complained that “… the actions of the lawyer were based on gross and gross dishonesty in an attempt to evade the final conclusions of the Court of Appeal.”

According to court records, Joseph died on July 7, 2012, and Mokgethi soon received a letter of administration from his estate. Joseph had made a will about two years before his death. This was executed by Mokgethi who was his lawyer and was also appointed there as the executor of his estate.

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