Mayor of Surfside: tenants must vacate his building for repairs


A Miami Beach apartment building owned by the mayor of the city of Florida where a condominium collapsed in June has given its tenants 45 days to vacate the building so that major repairs can be done.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett’s lease termination letter said they were waiting for the city of Miami Beach to issue permits to repair damage from Hurricane Irma in 2017. He said he hoped that the final permit would be issued imminently so that the work could be completed on the front of the building as well as the elevator.

“We regret that this work creates potentially dangerous conditions for residents,” says Burkett’s letter.

In addition, he said the Lois Apartments will also undergo the required inspection 40 years earlier, due to the collapse of the Champlain South Towers. This building was in the midst of repairs found during a 40-year-old inspection when it suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night.

Burkett has informed the tenants that they will have to leave by October 24. But they will be able to return to the building once the renovations are completed in several months.

“For tenants who have paid their rent on time and have not damaged their accommodation, any unused rent will be refunded, along with your full security deposit,” the email reads.

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