Letter to the editor: Vote “yes” to reject the CMP power line plan



I will vote “yes” to reject the new power line proposed by Central Maine Power and I urge others to do so as well.

There are a host of under-answered questions regarding the entire proposal, including, but not limited to, aboriginal claims to lands flooded by Hydro-Quebec dams; non-compliance with the authorized clearcut width; the illegal granting of the lease of public land and outright lies promulgated in the advocacy advertisements of the CMP and Hydro-Quebec.

However, my decision was ultimately made because I view CMP as a poorly run business, lacking both competence and ethics. Their stifled deployment of the new billing system, their ruthless indifference to those wronged by gross billing errors, poor rankings for reliability and fault repair, blaming low-level employees for sending in. illegal shutdown notices and for the fury around the policies of interconnecting renewable energy projects, and the lingering obstructionism of Maine’s vitally important transition to renewables, all demonstrate a business that should fail in no case be entrusted to a new major company.

CMP is a protected monopoly and the needs of the public should always be balanced with those of the business. Until that happens, they don’t deserve the trust of voters in Maine.

Ann Morrill
South Portland

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