I’m a landlord and here’s how I make my dark oven racks shine effortlessly when a tenant leaves

ONE of the downsides of renting a property is that you never get much notice before a home inspection.

So when this mother found out that her landlord would be visiting a house soon, her mind immediately went to the state of her dirty baking sheets.


The mother panicked by the state of her baking sheets before the inspectionCredit: Facebook
She made them shine in no time


She made them shine in no timeCredit: Facebook

Since she didn’t have a lot of cleaning supplies, the panicked mum thought she’d try soaking them in the bath with dishwasher tablets.

And to his surprise, it had them glowing in no time.

Sharing impressive before and after photos on a Facebook cleaning group, the mum explained how she left the trays in boiling water for a few hours.

She then simply threw away all the tablets she had in the house.


When she was convinced that the worst of the grime had softened, the woman quickly scrubbed the trays.

She gushed: “The day before an inspection, I didn’t have either on hand, so I thought I’d try these dishwasher tablets Grandma gave me.

“Just with a scourer and a light rub almost all of the mud came off except for what was in the hard-to-scrub edges.”

The post racked up hundreds of likes and comments in the group and prompted people to share their own advice.

Advising him to let them soak overnight next time, one replied: “It makes them much easier to scrub.”

Meanwhile, another recommended sprinkling washing powder on top to break down any lingering grease.

She used the dishwasher tablets she had dragged


She used the dishwasher tablets she had draggedCredit: Facebook

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