HBH’s rebranding reflects the growth of an active industry

Through homes, care and community, HBH Group’s mission is to create opportunities for all older adults to live fuller lives, regardless of their circumstances.

HBH Senior Living has created HBH Group, a new brand that supports its group of retirement homes, villages and community services for the elderly.

In the 45 years since Howick Baptist Healthcare was founded in 1977, the charity has grown significantly. From a single nursing home and hospital in Howick’s Union Road, HBH now owns and operates several retirement homes, villages and community outreach services.

“The HBH Group is at the heart of our retirement homes and our services,” says Bonnie Robinson, CEO of the HBH Group. “As we have grown over the years, our offering has become more complex. The new name reflects this growth and allows us to achieve our mission more fully.

“More than a name change, we’ve also refreshed HBH’s vision, mission and brand promise to better reflect that our philosophy of care extends to all seniors in our community, not just those who live in our care facilities,” she explains.

“Through homes, care and community, our mission is to create opportunities for all older people to live fuller lives, regardless of their circumstances.”

Now called HBH Senior Living Howick Views, the group’s flagship facility at Howick in Union Road has expanded in recent years. Today it offers a state-of-the-art 97-bed hospital and 32-bed nursing home, as well as self-catering apartments, a popular day program for the wider community, and respite care for families and caregivers. .

As of 2020, HBH also owns and manages Gulf Views, a 45-bedroom nursing home in Cockle Bay, now renamed HBH Senior Living Gulf Views. “It was an opportune time to update the names of the two locations to reflect the expanded views and to help people identify them more easily,” says Robinson.

“These changes won’t affect the excellent, responsive care we’re known for,” Robinson says. “They are just one more step towards realizing our vision to create more opportunities for older people to age well and live fully.”

One of the key tenets of the HBH Group philosophy is the belief that all older people should have a safe, healthy and age-friendly place, regardless of where they choose to live.

For this reason, the group also shares its expertise with other nursing homes through managed service contracts. The group runs Gracedale, a modern 36-room hospital and nursing home in Mount Roskill, and Shalom Court, a nursing home and hospital in St Johns focused on providing personalized, faith-based care in a small, family environment. .

The lack of social housing for older people in Auckland remains a growing problem, so in 2017 HBH purchased Stevenson Village in Howick to ensure a continuous supply of affordable rental housing for older people.

With few other agencies specializing in affordable housing for seniors, supply is becoming increasingly limited, while demand is growing rapidly. Stats NZ estimates that the number of people aged 65 and over in New Zealand will double over the next 50 years, meaning the current lack of housing for the elderly could soon become a major problem, says Robinson.

HBH Group hopes to provide more affordable rental housing for seniors in the future. “We’re still exploring our options, but we know it’s getting critical,” Robinson said.

“Auckland is going to reach a crisis point over the next few years and unfortunately we will see more older people homeless unless we do something about it, and soon.”

For the HBH Group team, fulfilling their mission extends to all seniors in their community, not just those living in their nursing homes, hospitals and self-contained apartments. In 2019 the group established Virtual Village East, a social and support network for older people in East Auckland which offers a range of age-friendly events, programs and activities, both online and in person.

“The concept of a virtual village to connect and support older people has been very successful, especially during recent lockdowns, so we hope to expand the network to other regions as well,” says Robinson.

“Our new brand name also allows us to use our experience and expertise to expand our services to more older people in more communities – in Auckland and around Aotearoa in New Zealand.”

For more information, visit www.hbhgroup.org.nz or contact Bonnie Robinson, CEO, at [email protected]

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