Genius Assets launches the GeniuX Era contest with an exciting game

Arad, Romania, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Genius assets, a one-stop solution for all investment problems, has launched the GeniuX Era competition where users have a chance to win exciting prizes by completing a few simple tasks. Genius Assets diversify users’ portfolio by investing in various assets and help create a steady flow of funds through active and passive means. Why should one keep his assets when he can grow them.

Unlike other contests, the GeniuX Era contest offers a great chance to win rewards. First prize is $10,000 IUX (~$4500), second is $7,500 $IUX (~$3375), third is $5,000 IUX (~$2250), while those who place between 4 and 10 on the leaderboard will receive 2500 $IUX (~$1125 ), and holders of position 11-20 will win 1000 $IUX (~$450). All related information is available on the contest page and can be accessed from the link posted above.

Genius Assets is also hosting the presale of its native $IUX token where users can buy it and be part of the revolution. The sale is live on the platform, so don’t miss this great opportunity to invest in the future of investments. All that needs to be done is to complete the KYC verification to become part of the ecosystem.

Genius Assets plans to revolutionize the way of investing. It offers a wide range of investment options covering all sectors, and each of them offers attractive rewards. Some of these options are:

  • Real Estate Engineering: Invest in real estate, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. With prices constantly rising, there couldn’t have been a better time.
  • Air Engineering: Invest in private jet charters and earn regular income from chartering.
  • Engineering Highway: Motorway construction has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Invest in its construction across Europe and earn taxes.
  • Genius Art: Digital art or NFT has been all the rage around the world with the most expensive reaching nearly $92 million. And that rage doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Use Genius Assets to invest in NFTs and grow assets exponentially.
  • Engineering Sports: Invest in sports teams and earn with dividends. Genius Assets wants to digitize the value of sports teams, and this is the first step towards achieving the goal.

To ensure the long-term stability and growth of the platform, Genius Assets has designed a tokenomics that takes into account all critical aspects, tries to overcome commonly encountered problems and eliminates factors that could hinder its growth. The total supply of the GeniusX or $IUX token is capped at 1,000,000,000, with 31% up for grabs from the three sales. Moreover, the value of the token is bound to increase as new projects are created on the platform.

Investors can trade these tokens for Genius Assets on the platform’s in-app marketplace, which is compatible with computers and mobile phones. It will make real estate trading much simpler, faster, safer and cheaper.

In addition, Genius Assets will also offer unique fractional ownership solutions to investors. It will launch the first regulated fractional ownership project in Malahide, near Dublin, around Q4 2022. Various marketing strategies will be incorporated over the period to promote it, including client presentations and roadshows. The project is ready to offer a high return on investment to investors.

So, if someone is looking for a great platform to diversify their investments and get a consistent high return, Genius Assets will not disappoint. The knowledgeable and experienced team behind this platform is determined to make it a success.

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