Erin pub closes for indoor dining as townships grapple with evidence of vaccination enforcement



An owner of the Busholme pub in Erin said he was not anti-vax but did not agree to put his staff in a position to ask for personal information.

ERIN – As the province’s proof of vaccination policy comes into effect, security guards may be seen more frequently in some facilities.

Wednesday marked the first day Ontarians are required to show their second-dose vaccine receipt and photo ID at what have been considered high-risk businesses such as gyms and restaurants at the interior.

There will be no guards at the Busholme pub in Erin, in fact the restaurant advertised on Facebook will be closed from the very day the policy started.

Owner Nicolle Magill made it clear in a phone interview that they are not anti-vax, but they just don’t agree that they should ask people for this personal information or put their staff in. this position.

“My 17 year old host shouldn’t have to ask people. We get people mad at us all the time about wearing masks or where they sit or last call times, ”Magill said.

She said it was an unfair burden to place on small businesses, especially after the difficulties encountered during the pandemic. She said she has the support of all of her staff who agrees that this is what is best for the crew.

“We deal with a lot of stuff, so it’s just one more thing that we think we can choose not to deal with,” said Magill.

The Busholme has plenty of outdoor space and Magill said it has purchased more heaters and tents to accommodate alfresco dining.

Meanwhile, the township’s recreational and community facilities also fall under this provincial policy, and some are hiring outside help to ease the burden on their staff.

Mapleton chief executive Manny Baron has confirmed he has hired a third-party security company to enforce that mandate at PMD Arena in Drayton.

“We will not put our staff or volunteers at risk, there have already been calls in other municipalities to the OPP, regarding disgruntled citizens,” said Baron.

“We need to make sure we protect our staff and volunteers so that we don’t ask them to put themselves in this position. “

For other rental-dependent Mapleton community centers, Baron said they have stipulated in rental agreements that the tenant is responsible for ensuring event attendees are fully immunized.

In Wellington North, managing director Michael Givens said he also hired outside security services, including during rentals.

“We need to maintain a relationship with all of our residents, including tenants and we felt it was appropriate to use a third party service knowing that this issue can be stressful and combative,” said Givens. “We felt this was the most appropriate step.”

Minto CAD Derrick Thomson has confirmed that they will have security in the Harriston and Palmerston arenas for this purpose.

Center Wellington Township spokesperson Kendra Martin said they were hiring security guards for the CW Sportsplex and the Elora Community Center to handle this at the front gates.

Martin said staff would likely manage it at the Victoria Park Seniors’ Center and the Fergus Grand Theater is under review for security reasons when both facilities open.

Regarding those under-18s involved in the sport, Martin suggested that people should check with the sport’s organizing body for their rules or when warrants come into effect.

Baron pointed out that municipalities simply follow the policy established by the province and are obligated to enforce them.

“These are not our rules, we just follow the provincial rules, so if you have to get mad at someone, don’t get mad at us,” Baron said.


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