East Patchogue tenant says she hasn’t had heat for weeks

Tenants at an apartment complex in East Patchogue say they are living without heat in freezing conditions.

Joanne Cady lives at Conifer Village Apartment and says she hasn’t had a heater in weeks.

Cady says the refurbished heater installed by the homeowner was emitting noxious fumes. She says she was hospitalized for a week due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I was so sick I will never have a unit like this again,” Cady says.

She says she repeatedly asked building management to install an electric heater, but they installed another refurbished heater that emits noxious fumes.

The Suffolk County Health Department began investigating Cady’s complaint and seven other cases at the apartment complex in January.

At least three Health Department inspections were carried out at Cady’s apartment.

News 12 learns that violations were cited during inspections of the eight complaints.

A Department of Health spokesperson told News 12 that while some violations have been corrected, there are still apartments with heating systems that do not work.

News 12 learns the Department of Health has taken legal action against the owner for ongoing violations.

News 12 left several messages for building management and had not heard back as of 3 p.m.

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