Brooklyn tenants frustrated with landlord after firefighter falls through rotting floor

A Brooklyn family denounces their landlord after the floor of their apartment collapses while a firefighter stood in the bathroom, sending him crashing into the basement.

Mildred Gonzalez and her mother Ana Tapia say their family of seven lives in the apartment at 1439 Ocean Ave. where the ground collapsed on Sunday. The family say it was a terrifying experience to watch the ground crumble under a firefighter.

Gonzalez said around 3 a.m. Sunday before the collapse, she heard a loud noise in the apartment. She says she went to the bathroom to see what was going on, and that’s when she saw the floor rocking back and forth.

Gonzalez says the ground movement knocked him over, so his daughter called the fire department.

The family say when the firefighter stepped on the bathroom floor, it crashed, sending him into the basement. The firefighter had been fine since the fall.

The Ministry of Buildings says it found extensive water damage and rotting beams where the collapse occurred.

Mildred says that for years they had problems in the apartment, from mold and rats to infrastructure issues. She says that despite complaints to her landlord, nothing was done.

Gonzalez says she is speaking out after this incident in hopes that the landlord will finally do something about the problems in their building.

The family is assisted by the Red Cross, which has accommodated them in a hotel. The family says they only have a few days left to stay there before they have to figure out where to go next.

It is not yet known when they will be able to return to their apartment.

News 12 has contacted management company Lilmor Management to see when the floor in the apartment will be repaired and when the family can move in.

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