Avalara MyLodgeTax Pro Simplifies Tax Compliance for Short-Term Rental Property Managers

Avalara, Inc. launched Avalara MyLodgeTax Pro, a SaaS solution that helps managers of multiple short-term rental properties increase efficiency and ensure compliance through automation. Avalara’s New Offering Streamlines Occupancy, Sales, and Use Tax Calculation, Completes and Maintains Tax-Related Lodging Registrations/Permits for Guests, and Automates Tax Returns and Remittances end-to-end to applicable jurisdictions. Avalara is a cloud-based enterprise tax compliance automation provider.

Growing your business requires simplified compliance

MyLodgeTax Pro is designed specifically for professional property managers with 5-40,000 properties, who must navigate complex regulations to help mitigate compliance risk for their clients. While online marketplaces take more responsibility for remitting certain taxes, MyLodgeTax Pro helps account for these agreements, reducing the risk of overpaying (or underpaying) lodging taxes.

The system eases property managers’ headaches by improving the efficiency of managing client compliance obligations and allowing managers to focus less on compliance and more on revenue-generating activities.

“Property managers represent an important and growing segment of our clientele, in step with the growing professionalism of the short-term rental industry,” said Oliver Hoare, general manager of Lodging at Avalara. “MyLodgeTax Pro is expressly designed for professionals overseeing all aspects of renting multiple properties, and we recognize that determining correct taxes, filing reports, remitting taxes, and overseeing various state and local licensing requirements Undermine core business objectives MyLodgeTax Pro allows property managers to focus on generating more bookings and helping landlords, rather than struggling with tax compliance.

Meet Mandatory Short-Term Rental Compliance Obligations with Avalara

MyLodgeTax Pro can help reduce the time and resources needed to achieve tax and regulatory compliance, providing the following benefits to short-term rental property managers:

  • Reduces exposure to audit risk and non-compliance with up-to-date tax content
  • Provides registration with state and local tax agencies based on provided ownership information
  • Determines lodging tax rates based on property address
  • Help prepare, file and pay lodging taxes when due
  • Facilitates the creation of comprehensive reports to meet internal or external audit requirements
  • Provides support for managing tax agency correspondence and notifications
  • Includes ongoing support from industry experts for easy setup

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