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TULSA, Okla. – FOX23 is helping a Tulsa man get answers, he says his landlord doesn’t seem interested in fixing his leaky ceiling, even after it collapsed while he slept, flooding his room and destroying his belongings.

“I’m here, I’m sleeping, next thing I know… BOOM!” said Lamon Anderson.

This is not the revival Anderson was hoping for.

“It’s all falling apart, water all over my sheets,” Anderson said.

But when his ceiling collapsed on him over two weeks ago, it was the one he expected.

“I noticed this when I moved in,” he said.

He says that during the seven months he lived at the Bradford Apartments in North Garrison and Gilcrease Highway, his bedroom ceiling was full of cracks and leaks.

During those seven months, he says management has been well aware of the problem.

“I’ve been there a few times and said to these people, hey, I have a leak in the roof,” he said.

But he says that instead of management telling him they were going to fix it, they told him something else.

“Our people have spoken to us and we think we are going to prepare to deport you,” he said.

What happened two weeks ago was the last straw.

“It really took the cake,” he said.

Her bedroom is now littered with debris after the popcorn ceiling above her bed caved in. His carpets are soaked. He put pots and pans on the floor to catch the dripping water. Her bedding and a 70-inch television were destroyed.

He now sleeps in his living room because the insulating fibers in his bedroom are exposed and, given the age of the building, he fears they may contain asbestos or other hazardous materials.

“It’s definitely not going to do anything but make me sick,” Anderson said.

He called FOX23 to help get answers. After inviting us to his apartment, FOX23 paid a visit to the Bradford Apartments rental office to try and get those answers.

“You just have to leave the property,” the office worker told FOX23. When we asked them why they couldn’t answer a few of our questions, we were told:

“Because you’re not supposed to be on the property,” the employee said.

We demanded an explanation as to why they didn’t want us on a resort property.

“Because it’s federal property,” the employee told us.

Without an answer, Anderson’s apartment remains a mess.

The rugs in her room, not the only thing still damp.

“It puts a damper on your wits,” he said.

He wants those he pays his rent to, whose job it is to fix the problem, to think about something.

“The shoe is on the other foot. They manage to go home. They live comfortably. They don’t have to live with that,” Anderson said. “Why do I have to live like this, you know?

He said he didn’t want to see anything bad happen to anyone.

Anderson said he would be happy if the management of Bradford Apartments could just come and repair the damage and replace his destroyed property.

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