6 quick wins to becoming a greener homeowner



LettingaProperty.com rental platform shared their top tips for a greener rental experience. From advice for landlords to those requiring proactive tenant engagement, the company described six quick wins.

The advice comes from the fact that BCG research reveals that 67% of people in the UK think environmental issues are either just as worrying or more of a concern than health issues.

Jonathan Daines, Founder and CEO of LettingaProperty.com, said: “The pandemic has, understandably, occupied much of our attention over the past 18 months. However, instead of distracting from environmental issues, it has helped us take a fresh look at human health, including the need to support it in the longer term by meeting our environmental responsibilities. “

  1. Homeowners who want to go green should replace the bulbs in the house with LED lights. LED bulbs last five times longer than halogen bulbs and are much better for the planet – hence the ban on producing or importing halogen bulbs throughout the EU since 2018. Homeowners who make the switch will benefit also to their tenants, by reducing their electricity bills. . The Energy Saving Trust reports that replacing every light bulb in the house with an LED will save the average household around £ 40 per year on bills.
  1. In terms of energy consumption, the installation of a smart meter is another benefit for the planet, especially when it is associated with a learning thermostat. This is a measure that also requires the tenant to participate, as it will be their responsibility to be proactive in adjusting their behavior based on the visibility provided by smart meter data.
  2. There are also quick wins when it comes to water use. Low flow shower heads aerate the water coming out of them, giving the impression of a normal shower, with normal pressure, but using only half the water. They are inexpensive and easy to replace with regular shower heads.
  3. Dual-flush toilet converters are also inexpensive and can save a significant amount of water when flushing, up to 40-50%. They can be difficult to install for those who aren’t comfortable with a toolbox, but are well worth the effort in terms of the environment and eliminate the need to buy new dual-flush toilets.
  4. Another simple tip is for landlords to make sure tenants have sufficient recycling facilities, with the right number of bins for the number of occupants in the property. Not only does this promote good waste disposal, but it also helps to create a pleasant environment without overflowing trash cans. Homeowners should simply contact their local authority to ensure the proper recycling bins and containers are provided.
  5. Finally, homeowners can do without paper. Nowadays, everything from leases to inventory can be completed online. And it can save time as well as trees. Indeed, this is a key benefit of using services such as LettingaProperty.com.

Daines said: “These are all small steps, but they add up quickly, ensuring that homeowners can ‘do their part’ when it comes to working for a greener world. Those looking to go the extra mile may also consider green leases, where the environmental obligations between landlord and tenant become contractual, encouraging both parties to do what they can to make the property more sustainable.


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