40% of Americans are unable to come up with $400 in an emergency

A disastrous indictment of America in 2022.

If you fall into that 40%, look no further than honest loans for a pre-approved next day loan. honest loans have partnered with hundreds of lenders who understand that emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. With honest loansyou can withdraw as little as $100, up to $50,000.

“Is taking out a loan right for me? »

In today’s America, where fuel prices are up 60% and household essentials like eggs are up 33%, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans rely on payday loans provide a financial fallback solution in difficult times.

While lending may have stigmatized you in past generations due to poor financial decisions, it may now be a necessity for the everyday American. In fact, a research panel, Pureprofile, found that 51.3% of Americans claim to have subscribed to a Personal loan in their life.

A quick look at the Commerce Department’s annual report shows that prices overall are 8.5% higher than July 2021 and, as a result, consumer spending is currently 1.5% lower. on an annual basis. Sound familiar? If you’re spending the same amount as a year ago, but have less to get out of it, it might be time to consider an affordable solution. payday loan to see you through the storm.

Plus, POTUS Joe Biden may have slept on the job again as the second quarter (April-June) ended the second straight quarter in economic decline – the hallmark of a nation heading into recession.

This is where we think honest loans can make all the difference. The harsh reality is that while prices continue to rise, we still need to shop to survive – and that’s exactly what honest loans is for.

So what does this mean for the everyday American?

Simply put, people can no longer afford to buy things, certainly not at the same rate as before, and what they buy can threaten financial insecurity.

If day-to-day shopping might jeopardize your financial stability, you’re not alone. According to the report on the economic well-being of American households, 40% of Americans would be unable to find $400 in an emergency.

take out a payday loan is often a stressful exercise, which is why we believe that the team of honest loans are exactly what you need to make the experience as easy and quick as possible.

Short term loan allow Americans to receive funds at an affordable interest rate, making it easier for them to pay bills or unexpected expenses that have arisen during the month.

A short-term solution may also prove to be a more prudent course than simply transferring funds from savings accounts in an age of global economic security. An Investopedia article recommended that even if the stock market is struggling, Americans should not consider moving their 401(k) there and should instead consider increasing their income contribution percentage.

Unlike other payday providers who require you to fill out a huge form and wait days for a response regarding your eligibility, honest loans just asks you to fill out a simple five-minute form about your situation, and they do the rest.

With your information, honest loans will use their expertise and industry connections to connect you with the best lender for you. Because everyone is different, honest loans has a solution for everyone.

One such example is the Martinez family of Arlington, Texas, who needed a small loan after their car was badly damaged in a minor traffic incident.

Father Jaime Martinez told us, “We had never taken a payday loan, but we didn’t want to borrow money from family or friends. “Our credit rating isn’t great because of a few credit cards, but honest loans figured that out and connected us with a loan provider that catered to low credit applicants and families. »

“A few hours later we got the green light for the loan itself and the money was in our account the next day. We paid the mechanics to fix our car and got back on our feet and took the kids to school the next day. Mr. Martinez’s case is just one of thousands HonestLoans handles every day – and they consider a wide variety of different situations when choosing the best payday option for you.

The amount of the loan, your weekly salary, your industry and even the time of year are taken into account when honest loans go through your application before moving on to the next steps.

Applicants can request anything from $100, up to $50,000, whether it’s a small roadblock that needs to be ironed out before the end of the month or something more. substantial, honest loans has exactly what you need to get you going again.

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